Vangie Stice-Israel

UX Writer ◊ UX/UI Designer ◊ Researcher ◊ Editor

You already know my name (well, I assume you do since you got here, but in case you don’t, it’s Vangie – like Angie but with a V). I’d like to know yours. Here’s a little bit about me, so we can get to know each other.

Since 2014, I’ve run a solopreneur UX writing, research, and editing business, working remotely and helping clients tell their best story.

I added UX/UI design to my portfolio in 2017.

But here’s how it all started.

My professional life started in Austin, Texas as a trainer (you know – one of those people you either dread or thank for getting you away from your work for a minute), then as team lead and eventually as manager for a public communications team writing and presenting seminars across the state.

From there, I transitioned into higher education, overseeing 2-year degree programs. Then I moved to secondary education, administering a $90M federal education grant for Grades 7–14. Managing government programs in both postsecondary and secondary education gives me insight into governance and compliance requirements.

Along the way, I wrote web content, explainers, federal reports, state regulations, user manuals, and guidelines; managed statewide projects and programs; wrote and delivered speeches and seminars; and collaborated across state and national teams.

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