Project Overview



Project Brief

The career and technical education department (CTE) of Tolleson Union High School District, Maricopa County, Arizona commissioned informational brochures describing the 5 biggest industries in the county. 

For each industry, TUHSD requested

  • an overview
  • the top 5 employers
  • key occupations in the industry


Parents and students overlook CTE as a strong contributor in the education system – a hangover from its 1950s image. TUHSD sought avenues for changing public perception and for highlighting CTE’s benefits to students.

My Role

I was responsible for researching and writing content for the 5 industries. This included

  • iterative meetings with stakeholders
  • identifying the top 5 industries
  • searching for reliable sources of information about each industry
  • writing the report/content for each industry
  • collaborating with the graphic designer

A graphic designer produced the final brochures from my content.


Internet browser, Microsoft Word

Brochure Covers

Thank You