Dream Home: A UI Case Study

Project Overview


 User interface (UI) design for a real estate app


Write the copy and design the UI (and UX) for a real estate app, including original assets

Project Brief

Create a real estate app – a responsive web app that provides property buyers with information about properties they’re interested in.

The target audience is primarily small-scale property buyers who want to invest for additional income or financial security, typically in their mid-30s to mid-50s.


Unseasoned buyers need access to reliable, uncomplicated, information about their potential property investments. Buyers get a feel for a place by viewing comprehensive information about the property and its neighborhood before spending time onsite.

Users must be able to

  • search for properties by inputting relevant criteria
  • easily view and return to listings they are interested in
  • find pertinent, comprehensive information about properties

Branding requirements specified a clean, quick, smart interface in greens or blues and original icons.


Figma, Sketch, InVision, and Microsoft PowerPoint (final design file in Sketch)

My Role

I was responsible for the entire design process. This included low-fidelity, mid-fidelity, and high-fidelity wireframes; prototypes; animation; and design documentation.

  • iterated, accessible low-, mid-, and high-fidelity wireframes
  • original assets (iconography)
  • original copy
  • interactive prototypes
  • style guide
  • mockups and presentation mockups


See the PDF of the design file (all screens; some elements do not render in the PDF)

See the Sketch design file (all screens and elements)

See on Behance

See the interactive prototype

Sample Low-Fidelity Mobile Wireframes

Sample Mid-Fidelity Mobile Wireframes

Sample High-Fidelity Mobile Wireframes

Sample Mockups

Responsive Breakpoints

Presentation Mockups

Style Guide


UI Elements

Original Iconography


Thank You