Mulvihill Enterprises: A Content Audit and Edit

Project Overview


Mulvihill Enterprises


Content audit and edit of Mulvihill Enterprises website


Review and edit the Mulvihill Enterprises website; provide recommendations for improvement in content, grammar, style, etc.

Project Brief

The target audience is K-12 workforce development education programs interested in improving their programs. The owner of Mulvihill Enterprises wanted to improve the content on his website.


The content on the Mulvihill Enterprises website would benefit from a thorough review and edit.


I met with the business owner to discuss his expectations and the scope of the project.

Once agreed, I conducted a content audit and edit of his website. This included identifying additional content and topics, superfluous content and topics, and non-standard grammar, as well as recommending changes.

My Role

I was responsible for auditing and editing all content on the website and recommend ways to improve

  • content topics, breadth, and depth
  • organization and information hierarchy
  • consistent tone and voice
  • accessibility
  • plain language
  • grammar, syntax, punctuation, etc.


Microsoft Word


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