Research & Long-Form Content

Graphic of a puzzle illustrating career and technical education

Project Overview


Career and technical education (CTE) report for the Connecticut State Department of Education


Research and report on CTE in 6 countries and 3 US states to inform State of Connecticut education decisions


See the Finland report

See the Florida report

See the Germany report


Meeder Consulting

Project Brief

The target audience was leadership at the Connecticut State Department of Education, who were engaged in wide-ranging changes to the state’s CTE program. The State commissioned Meeder Consulting to find and report on specific information about CTE in other countries and other US states.


The Connecticut State Department of Education sought information about the various permutations of CTE both nationally and internationally to inform its decision-making process.

My Role

My role consisted of research and writing, including

  • identify 6 countries and 3 states with CTE programs that would provide pertinent information about proposed changes in Connecticut’s CTE program
  • research CTE in Austria, England and Wales, Finland, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Florida, Ohio, and Oklahoma
  • write a 5–10 page description of CTE in each country or state
  • compile research and content into an executive report

Thank You