Torchy’s Tacos UX Review

Project Brief

This is a UX review case study.

Torchy’s Tacos is a taco restaurant (surprise!) with an online ordering tool.

But the tool was clunky and filled with friction points. I reviewed the tool for

  • friction points and triggers
  • broken or non-working UX and UI
  • any other useful input to improve the tool

The Problem

The earlier version of the online ordering tool was unintuitive and clunky.

My Role

I reviewed all aspects of the tool, concentrating on friction points and UX/UI.


Torchy’s online ordering tool, Sketch, Google Slides

Overall Review


  • Clear descriptions of food choices
  • Ease of choosing menu items
  • Mostly easy custom options
  • Group order option and URL to share with group members
  • Order ahead option
  • Easy payment options
  • Simple, straightforward, accessible checkout


  • Location feature does not allow zip code input or search
  •  No description of some upgrade options
  • A few unclear customizing outcomes
  • Inconvenient list of add-ons
  • No indication of how to order multiples until the review screen – after the user is finished ordering


Friction point

The first choice in the ordering tool is which location to place your order with.

When I opened the location function, the map didn’t display my location. What? Has my location closed?

But I persisted. I typed in my ZIP code and the tool produced my Tulsa location.



Grouping menu items into intuitive categories meets usability needs and including descriptions that help me find what I want meets proficiency needs.


Choosing a tortilla or sauce option is simple and intuitive (I’m not a fan of long scrolling menus, but these are manageable).

Friction point

I’m ordering on an app, so chances are, I’ll have a delay between when it’s ready and when I eat it.

I don’t want sauce on my taco until I’m ready to eat it, but the menu gives no indication or choice for ordering the sauce on the side. Hint: It’s always on the side, but users don’t know that until they’re experienced users.

Friction points

Trashy? What’s trashy? If I  choose a trashy taco, I don’t know what I’m ordering and if I change my mind, I have extra clicks.

Maybe I don’t want chorizo today (just kidding – I always want chorizo), but if I change my mind, clicking back goes to the main menu, not to the breakfast menu: extra clicks.

Friction points

Choices! We love choices, but wow, that’s a lot of scrolling. At least alphabetize the list, so we can scroll faster.

 Plus, I can add a lot of stuff to my taco, but I can’t add an extra taco? If I want two or more of the same, I have to enter them separately.


A single order or a group order? Now, that’s a thoughtful feature. Ordering for your team? No problem!

Friction point

But wait! Here I am at the end of ordering and what do I find? I can add multiples at the end? Whose idea was that?


The essential elements on this crucial page are easy and intuitive.

Payment options – online or at the store – are a convenient option.

The process requires scrolling, but that allows for larger fields and increases accessibility.

Checkout is easy and straightforward. 

Thank You